inwale end repair

  1. Michael Graessle

    1924 Otca Inwale Tip Taper

    So I am working on the inwale tips on my 1924 OTCA. My original inhales were incorrectly spliced and I am trying to scarf in new ends. Unfortunately, I failed to take reference photos of how the inwale and the stem came together with the deck. I am looking for help determining the taper of...
  2. J

    Inwale ends and stem end repairs on an 18 ft. Old Town Guide model

    I'm about to start work on repairing the inwale ends and stem ends on a 1936 Old Town Guide model canoe. The inwale ends came together in a long mitered joint at the stem, and apparently, were nailed down into the ends of the stems. I'll need to replace the stem end and the inwale ends a both...