1. A

    Cracks in finish. Paint or Filler?

    I just purchase an American Trader's Atkinson Traveler wood canvas canoe from Craigslist. The boat seems to have been in storage for many years and was maybe only paddled two to three times. Overall it is in amazing shape. However, there are quite a few linear cracks in the enamel paint on...
  2. johnmetts

    Re-surfacing the filler

    I restored my WC canoe and I'm not happy with the finish. It feels/looks like fine grained sandpaper. I applied the filler as directed, smoothed it by hand as directed, sanded as directed but couldn't get it as smooth as others I have done. I thought maybe the paint would smooth it a bit...
  3. D

    Old Town Wooden canoe refinnishing, recanvasing etc.

    Just given an old town canoe, wood, Canvas cover has been removed and need to redo Wood is in good shape,although very dry almost powdery. Needs to be refinnished. All original parts appear to be present although removed when canvas was removed. Questions, ( I am getting ID Information...
  4. P

    Micro-balloon Paint?

    I'm in the process of re-canvasing my 15' custom built. In the past I've played with a variety of sizing techniques. 1. Clay-based filler + marine paint 2. Searing canvas with torch + polyurethane + porch paint 3. Polyurethane + Porch Paint All of these techniques have held up well...