1. A

    '73 Old Town Ojibway (Fiberglass)

    I recently spent a few years living on the water and my friend gifted me a beautiful '73 Old Town canoe. Loved taking it out but, have moved and no longer have room for it so, I'm looking to sell it. It is well kept and in very nice condition - pictures attached (including what appears to be...
  2. Hummy

    Which weight fiberglass

    I have two old paddles, very basic and not expensive, I was going to do a basic refinish on them. Then I thought perhaps I'll wrap the blades in fiberglass. I already have some fabric from some other projects, but I am concerned it may be a bit heavy for paddles. What weight, weave or density...
  3. mayday

    Addition of inside fiberglass layer after 9 years?

    I built a 16' wood strip Prospector model canoe nine years ago using RAKA 127/350 epoxy with a 6oz sheet of fiberglass on each side. I LOVE THE CANOE! I have taken it ito BWCAW several times, paddled solo, dual, and with three persons plus gear. Nine years alter of hundreds of miles, plenty of...
  4. S

    Old Town 1971 fg Serial # 187995F Can anyone give me an in depth history PLEASE?

    Recently purchased this canoe and like it very much....any input on its history would be greatly appreciated!
  5. millie_sass

    Removing fiberglass from 1930s Old Town

    I have an old wooden Old Town Canoe that was found in the 1936 flood here in Pittsburgh. My father used it for fishing in the 40s and 50s; he took off the canvas and covered it with fiberglass in the 1960s. It has been stored inside so the wood looks to be okay at first glance but it has not...
  6. J

    Merrimack Tennesseean

    I have a friend who recently bought a new Merrimack Tennessean model canoe. Upon trying it out, he found the canoe "oil canned" badly. The builder insists this is due to the relatively flat-bottomed design of this model. I can't believe this ought to be the case in any well-constructed canoe...
  7. M

    Old Town White Cap Sailboat

    I am the lucky new owner of a White Cap Sailboat. Looking for any and all info or links that can help me with restoring the little guy as well as history on these boats. I am attempting to locate serial number etc. right now. Have read up on R. Manry's transatlantic trip on Tinkerbelle. Past...
  8. M

    serial number help please Old Town Canoe

    It is 17 ft, I believe and has a serial number of: (any of the 1's could be I's): XTC22311179C Thanks for any help :)
  9. K

    Help getting our "new" boat on the water?

    We recently purchased a wood/fiberglass (presumably canvas originally) canoe through Craigslist. The family we bought it from had purchased the canoe 2nd hand more than 40 years ago. They fiberglassed the boat and added (replaced?) seats. When we tested it out, it floats but does take on a...
  10. C

    Old Town #185815

    I realize that this canoe isn't exactly wooden, however it's a very interesting model that Old Town produced sometime in the late 60's. I'm from Northern Maine and lived in Old Town for a few years in college. I found this canoe on sawhorses outdoors uncovered at my fiances' uncles house. It had...