1. S

    OTCA canoe changed shape while stored?

    I started restoring my 1964 Old Town OTCA five months ago, but had to put the project on hold. During the on hold time, with the canoe partially unfastened, the canoe seems to have changed shape. In preparation for replacing the tops of the stems and the sections of inwale that attached to...
  2. ewitzel

    Attaching the Deck

    Attaching deck to the inwales question- should the deck be simply screwed or should it be glued and screwed to the inwales? Is one method preferable to the other?
  3. K

    My first restoration is underway

    I posted a few weeks ago and got some great advice from folks, and decided to strip off the old glass, clean things up, and go back to canvas. So... Now I have some questions. 1) I am working on getting the glass/epoxy out of the gaps between the planks. I used the technique suggested in...