cedar strip boat

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    I turned my hull and now it’s too wide?

    Hi! This year I’m building my first cedar strip canoe and I was hoping for some advice. This morning I took my boat off of the mold and flipped it over to find that my hull isn’t staying in the right shape, it’s too wide. What’s the best solution? Could I use straps during the Fiberglass process...
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    1958 Peterborough Capella

    Hi there, This is my first post here. I've been reading a lot of information over the years about cedar strip boats and canoes. I've even done some restoration on a Giesler 16' canoe for my inlaws. Well, I'm looking for information because I have a restoration project that I'm working on...and...
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    Can you I.D. this pre-1935 Cedar Strip 14ft?

    I picked up this 14ft cedar strip (runabout?) that was said to be at least from 1935 (father had it when this guy was born in '35) and it's been in three generations of same family. Was thought to have possibly been purchased at T. Eatons of Toronto. May be a production of Peterborough/Alcan...