1. Becky Mason

    "The Pet" is her favourite Algonquin trip

    Thought you might enjoy some writing that I just released today about the place I love to paddle and visit every chance I have. "WHERE ONE HEARS THE SOUND OF THE WATERS" Becky Mason shares why paddling ...
  2. beaver


    Mountainooing= Mountaineering + Canoeing
  3. Becky Mason

    Reel awarded Best Instructional to Mason's movie

    Big News! Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing won Best Instructional movie at Reel Film Festival. Check out clip of her Sculling Draw
  4. Becky Mason

    Rogers TV interviews Becky Mason about paddling

    Rogers TV host excited to meet his Cdn canoeing hero. Who? Me! See London Ont interview chatting about paddling:
  5. beaver

    Fall Camping at Jag Lk.

    This years fall gathering & camp at Jag Lake in northern Wisconsin had a wide variety of weather to experience. Temps ranged from 28-60 degrees; strong winds to calm, mirror like waters; gray, rainy skies to blue skies; magnificent fall reflections. Hot oak campfires made for good company...