1. jam010148

    Peterborough Canoe Model

    I purchase a canoe listed as "possibly" a Peterborough Champlain Pleasure model but not certain of model. I pulled the model number list from the site pages. The canoes listed with dimensions 16' X 33" X 12" are Algonquin, Huron and Champlain but the serial number on the...
  2. Becky Mason

    "The Pet" is her favourite Algonquin trip

    Thought you might enjoy some writing that I just released today about the place I love to paddle and visit every chance I have. "WHERE ONE HEARS THE SOUND OF THE WATERS" Becky Mason shares why paddling ...
  3. beaver

    Peter Dube Birchbark

    This birch bark canoe was built 80 years ago by Peter Dube, an Algonquin canoe builder from the Maniwaki area of Quebec. It is a fine example of a high-ended wabinaki-tciman typical of that era.