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Looking for lost canoe, Fiddlehead Boatworks 'Butternut'

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by mike collins, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. mike collins

    mike collins New Member

    Back in the early 90s, I opened a canoe repair shop in Bradford, Vermont. We mostly restored and recanvassed wood/canvas canoes, but I happened upon a 17' long mold in an attic of an old barn at a summer camp. We built two canoes from it, one rather fancy with long decks, built-in handles and wide, wicker seats, the other of open design. We named it 'the Butternut' for the wood used to make the rails and decks. Well, it disappeared in a 'settlement', we moved to Annapolis, Md and I completely lost track of both.
    I was a member of WCHA back then for about three or four years. Brought our young-uns to the annual PaulSmith's adventure and one year hosted a 'kids kanoe' workshop, where we built a bunch of tiny stitchandglue bateau , by and for the kiddos. Great time, and the highlight of my long, damp career messing with boats. We had 'the Butternut' at Peterborough one year, and might have had it at Paul Smiths.
    Anyway, as I approach 'retirement', I get to wonder about these things. If anyone has anything on these canoes, I'd be happy to hear it. fiddleheadad2.jpg
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