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  1. Chipper1959

    Chipper1959 Curious about Wooden Canoes

    I'm fairly new here so maybe this has already been "discovered" but I thought this would be an easy way to machine scuppers...

    Start with a board which is the width of 2 gunwales.
    Draw a line down the center.
    Mark on the line where you want your scuppers to start and finish.
    Using a 1" spade bit, drill holes along the center line previously drawn, on the marks you made earlier.
    Cut the board down the middle on a table saw.
    Use a radial arm saw,(with a dado blade if you have one), to remove the material between the holes.
    It would look something like in the drawing here... scuppers.GIF

    Once the material has been cut out, it's a simple question of sanding the area smooth. The edges of the scuppers are already rounded off from the radius of the spade bit. This radius can be changed by using a different size bit. I suppose a table saw or router could be used to remove the material between the holes instead of a radial arm saw...

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