Hugh Clark Retrospective Exhibit at 2023 Assembly

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
As some of you know, I am planning an exhibition of Hugh Clark carvings at the
Annual Assembly at Paul Smith’s College, July 11-16th. 2023.

I working to compile an archive of the wide range of Hugh’s talents, including; (examples listed);

Various Figures;,
Wooden Canoe indicator (2K9)
Paddle to the Sea (2K11)
The Voyageur in canoe (2K2)
Beaverdeck mount (paint it yourself 2K?)

Small figures;
Beaver (2K3)
Ribbet (frog 2K5)
Maymaygwessey (2K5)
Wood Spirit (Conifer tree 2K5)
HBC Factor (Scotsman 2K6)), Portager
Beaver with Ax (Secret; for dams and lodges 2K7)
Ribbet Knee Deep with Jug of Rum (2K7)
Bear (2K9)
Canoe Turtle (2K9)

Christmas decorations;
Xmas bear sleeping in canoe (Children’s Program 1999)
Moose in canoe (2K0)
Santa dances for Joy when he delivers a quilt! (2K6)
Santa face in canoe (2K1)

I am also working to identify the themes, characters and years which Hugh carved his distinctive CANES.

For example, I own one with voyageur symbols +native pictographs and petroglyphs carved in 2K10* (acquired from Ken Kelly).
*Hugh’s own time stamp

I have an incomplete list of cane owners & contacts. My intention is to contact them all to complete the descriptive archive as well as, hopefully arrange for their canes to be displayed next summer.
If you own a Hugh Clark cane and haven't heard from me, please contact me to be included on the list.
Also. provide a description and year your cane was carved.

Thanks for your consideration and help,

Rob Stevens (
Program Coordinator, Annual Assembly
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association


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