1. Howie

    Penn Yan Autocanoe

    Just finished a Penn Yan Auto Canoe for my friend Todd. At 10' long it's a bath tub! Weighs all of 38#. Serial # CA-158 doesn't really tell the age other than it being from before 1947. Todd says he bought it last year from a fella in Vermont in his 80s who remembers being in the canoe when...
  2. Howie

    10' Penn Yan Car Topper!

    Thought you folks would like to see this 10' Penn Yan Car Topper, Serial # CA-158. Ain't it cute? Make a nice bath tub! I'm restoring it for Paul in nearby Fredonia NY. Any idea how old it is? Todd guesses it dates to the 20's or 30's from talking with the previous owner. Anyway, just...
  3. Howie

    Penn Yan with 'mahogany trim' - are inwales mahogany too?

    I am in the middle of stripping a PY Rainbow and notice that when the finish is removed the inwales appear to be oak or ash. Definitely not mahogany. Yet the seats, thwarts, and outwales certainly are mahogany. Before I started stripping all the wood was quite dark, yet when stripped the wood...