1. J

    Help Identifying

    Hello, My husband and I acquired this canoe for free. From what we know it was just hanging up in an Abercrombie & Fitch before we got it. Initially my husband wanted to fix it up himself but we’re being forced to move it from where we currently store it and don’t have anywhere for it to live...
  2. P

    Maybury canoe row boat

    Hello, I have an old Maybury canoe/row boat. Attached are some photos. Does anyone know about the year, history, or value of the boat? With thanks in advance. -N
  3. R

    Kennebec canoe Serial #18930

    I am looking for any information on this wooden canvas canoe which I am currently having restored. Thanks for your help.
  4. Becky Mason

    Reel awarded Best Instructional to Mason's movie

    Big News! Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing won Best Instructional movie at Reel Film Festival. Check out clip of her Sculling Draw http://youtu.be/kmzWLxPtAsU
  5. C

    Need help identifying a wooden sailing rig.

    I have a wooden sailing rig that I believe was built for an Old Town Canoe. It is in great shape and I would like help identifying what it is and what canoes it would fit. Can someone suggest what information I need to have in order to make this identification and what source I might go to to do...