wooden boat

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    Is this a Linkanoe? Or maybe something like that?

    My dad was a boat builder and restorer of old wooden boats. He passed away last year and I found this in one of his shops. I remember him restoring this and being very excited he found one but I really have no clue what it is. A reverse google image search came up with a Linkanoe but I did...
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    Kennebec Canoe Company

    I have a Kennebec Canoe Company wooden boat with serial number 3942. Can anyone tell me more about this such as year, model and value? Thank you very much!!
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    Northwest Passage Solo build

    I recently got a hankering to build myself another boat. I already have a 17' lake canoe that I made some years back so I decided to build a solo this time. I had once seen a cream colored canoe on top of a car and I liked the look of it. With that in mind I built my new boat out of basswood. It...