wood strip

  1. L

    Stripping 1964 OldTown Runabout

    Hubby and I are working on our boat. The ribs in back have to be replaced. First question is, is there a difference/reason to replace with white oak or red oak or neither? Because these have to be replaced we are sanding out side so all screws and area can be removed and inspected for rot. We...
  2. mayday

    Addition of inside fiberglass layer after 9 years?

    I built a 16' wood strip Prospector model canoe nine years ago using RAKA 127/350 epoxy with a 6oz sheet of fiberglass on each side. I LOVE THE CANOE! I have taken it ito BWCAW several times, paddled solo, dual, and with three persons plus gear. Nine years alter of hundreds of miles, plenty of...