wood & canvas canoe

  1. C

    Old Town pre-WWII question: To bung or not to bung over gunwale screws, that is the question!

    This is an interesting topic that I accidentally stumbled into when posting a thread about my 1936 Old Town on the Fans of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Facebook group and someone noticed I had bunged over the outside of the White Ash gunwale fasteners and said original bungs were not...
  2. J

    17ft JR Robertson wood/canvas canoe

    Hello all, New to the group. I’ve had the canoe hanging in my dad’s garage for close to 50 yrs. I do want to sell it. Anyone interested? Jerry
  3. Dawn LaPointe

    Hello from New Member in Minnesota

    Hi, all! I’m a new WCHA member based near Duluth, Minnesota. Last October, I purchased an 18’ redwood and Sitka spruce wood strip canoe built in 1972 (MCA Guide model) and a 15’ 80+ year old wood and canvas canoe. Prior to that, I only owned one well-loved and well-traveled canoe (BWCAW &...