1. MGC

    Canadian Tack and Nail

    It seems that CT&N has closed their storefront. Does anyone know where to get the materials they were selling? Do they have an alternative outlet that they supply?
  2. ewitzel

    Location of tacks when attaching canvas

    After stretching canvas and where do tacks go? Clinched through the plank and rib? About an inch below the inwale? AND of course, I made this harder since I’ve already attached the canvas after failing to cut the planking a ½ below the inwale. Any thoughts on how to proceed would be welcome.
  3. Shari Gnolek

    Extra short tack between the ribs on Penn Yan

    I am removing the original canvas from a Penn Yan Owasco. As usual, there are two tacks holding the canvas at every rib. But then halfway between each rib there is a much shorter tack that only goes through the planking and appears to be clinched. The photo shows examples of the longer tacks...
  4. Scott Rowe

    Plank Fitting/Fairing

    I've tried fitting my first plank to see what was involved. Although the planking was planed to proper thickness, when tacked in place I found that either due to factory fairing or shrinkage(?) there was considerable thickness difference at one end of the plank in the bilge area. Question; I...