1. L

    Stripping 1964 OldTown Runabout

    Hubby and I are working on our boat. The ribs in back have to be replaced. First question is, is there a difference/reason to replace with white oak or red oak or neither? Because these have to be replaced we are sanding out side so all screws and area can be removed and inspected for rot. We...
  2. Vik65

    Removing resin from interior

    Hello all, brand new member here. I’ve got a 1946 old town project that I’ve taken on and at one point in this canoes life an owner has applied fiberglass resin to the interior and then painted over the resin. The resin isn’t on too thick but paint remover just turns it a little gummy and I...
  3. Howie

    How to remove paint stripper residue?

    What do you folks use to remove the goop produced when using a paint/varnish stripper? I used to use mineral spirits, but stopped when had a bad experience with very dark wood - I figured the spirits carried 'dark stuff' deep into the wood where cleaners & wood brighteners couldn't reach. I...