1. L

    Serial/Hull number doesn’t make sense

    Hello all! New here and just really confused about the ID number stamped in the side of my canoe. I got it from a friend over ten years ago whom I believe he said he got from his grandfather. I THINK it’s a great Canadian but can’t be sure. It has some sticker residue left over from where the...
  2. O

    Old town 195185

    This is the number I found stamped on my old town. Can anyone help with the model and type? 195185
  3. W

    Build Record Request - or anything you can tell me

    I just picked this amazing canoe up off Craigslist this morning and the plan is to restore her this winter. First step is to discover what she is! I believe she may be an Old Town. After some gentle sanding I was able to pick up a serial number that I believe reads 1678395. Any information...
  4. Howie

    Old Town questions. Help please Benson!

    Benson! I just picked up an Old Town serial # 121969-16. Can you tell me what I lucked into? What a great day - I was recanvassing a canoe in the morning, and while taking a break I checked CraigsList & see this Old Town canoe for $100. 2 hours later & it's mine! It's in great shape -...
  5. C

    Peterborough canoe c. 1908? What's the deal?

    So I am writing a report on a particular canoe that we had to survey as a project. Well everything was going fine until I started having reservations about the date that they have listed for the canoe. They say it was made in 1908. However the decal is the "registered trade mark" version. I'm...
  6. S

    109560 Old Town 16'

    This Canoe just came up on my local Craigslist, it looks like it could be a great first restoration project. There is little info available from the seller, it's been used as a theater prop. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. N

    serial number 1632 (probably old town)

    I have an old wooden canoe that was given to me some years ago. I have watched it age from 96 to 106 years old. I don't know what to do with it. I've stopped using it in favor of an aluminum canoe. It came from an exclusive hunting club near Havelock NC called Camp Bryan. There are stories...
  8. R

    Kennebec canoe Serial #18930

    I am looking for any information on this wooden canvas canoe which I am currently having restored. Thanks for your help.
  9. L

    Peterborough cedar ribs

    I have bought recently in France a wonderful cedar ribs canoe built by Peterborough. This boat is 16 feet length and seems to corresponds to model number 4 or 24 in the reprint catalog. It has also a serial number, and it is the aim of my message to know when this canoe was built. The serial...