serail number help

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    Old Town 137240-16

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide on this classic OTCA that we think may be from the WWII era (used iron instead of brass)!
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    Serial number search OT 20055 ?

    Hi all, Just picked up this old canoe, it needs restoration (I think I’m ready to start this journey…). Can someone provide any information? Previous owner described it as a 1914 17’ Old Town HW. Thanks in advance. Frank
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    Build period for Robertson canoes based on SN# font/format, Decks, Plaque, Thwarts, etc.

    Hi, I’m looking for help in identifying the period, decade or timeframe in which a Robertson Canoe might have been built. The canoe is a Robertson model, and has a simple thin font SN# on stems of both the bow “o2523o 17” and stern “o2523o”. Note, there is no following length number on stern...
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    Canoe 15ft, Serial 36321815

    Serial number 36321815 is a 15 ft cedar canvas canoe. Single thwart. Ribs x53 spaced 1 1/12 " and 1 1/2 wide. End rib 4 wide. Center is tumblehome. Planking is 4 inch wide. Gunnels held with Robertson screws. Decks circular with no ogee. Full keel 1.5 in at the center. Anyone can help ID this...