1. jam010148

    1946 Penn Yan 15ft Hunter Canoe

    Hi All - I am starting a restoration of a 1946 Penn Yan 15 ft hunter canoe and need some parts. There is only one seat (other lost) and it is with a plywood insert instead of cane - correct? I need the bow seat. If you have one and would like to sell it, please let me know. Else, if you can...
  2. Ezra Smith

    Alternatives to seats

    I have just finished my first build! It is an Atkinson Traveler, and oh my gosh it wonderful to paddle. It puts my 18 ft Otca to shame. I have the seats ready to install, but am thinking about what other options I would have. I do mostly solo paddling, so I would mostly use them on the few...
  3. S

    Penn Yan Canoe # RNS 6144

    I believe the R = Rainbow, N =16', S = spruce gunwales, 44= year built. I don't know what the 61 means. I wonder if there are construction characteristics specific to 1944 or the era. One such example that my Rainbow exhibits is a plywood filler in place of cane on the seats, which...