1. W


    I'm restoring a canoe by an unknown builder that seems to be a Maine guide canoe from about 1900. It will not be a completely faithful restoration as the canoe originally had closed gunwales, and I am going with open gunwales. But at some point I need to decide about seats. Earlier...
  2. T

    Sail canoe seat replacement

    Hi all, I recently rescued an Old Town Penobscot (1980's model) that had been rigged for sailing. I assume this was an after-market sailing kit since I can't find any evidence of any other royalex boats from that era being sold as sail canoes. I posted about it on the forum and a...
  3. Howie

    Need some measurements please!

    I can't believe I've never wrote down measurements before! I've got a bunch of thwarts I've accumulated over the years, and I've got a pair of new seats I made last year. But none of thwarts nor the seats seem to fit in the 1942 16' Yankee nor the 1938 16' Otca I've been working on! If I had...
  4. Howie

    Old Town Rowing Seat w/ Foot Brace

    Got bored with the snow & cold so I refinished this rowing seat & foot brace. It came with a 1906 OT HW project I picked up a few months ago. The seat straddles the rails which measure 12 7/8" wide & 48" long. The seat itself measures 15 1/2" wide & 14 5/8" deep and can be placed anywhere...
  5. T

    rawhide lacing techniques for cedarwood canoe/bow seat

    greetings wooden canoe aficionados! i am searching for some plans/mathematics of how to re-lace, with rawhide lacing, the standard pattern for an already drilled wooden bow seat...17 holes across & 7 holes down...on a beautiful old cedarwood canoe... i've never done it before, this is my...
  6. Howie

    Plans or design for caned seat back?

    Anybody have some plans for making 'old style' caned seat backs? I intend to use it on a PennYan Rainbow - or whatever else I might acquire in the future. If you look at this link you'll see a rather nice design for an Adirondack Guide that'll show what I'm talking about (...
  7. KurtsCanoe

    Rebuilding seat frames

    I'm rebuilding the seat frame on a Kennebec and I'm wondering what kind of glue to use. The seats are maple, doweled together.