sailing canoe

  1. Bob Melanson

    Ahoy! From the Wasatch Mountains of Utah

    New member just introducing myself. I'm Bob and I live in Heber, Utah USA. I'm surrounded by a handful of state parks/ reservoirs that offer some fun sailing opportunities. Always wanted to build a sailing canoe. Now I'm going to make it happen. Please don't mind my poking around and learning...
  2. J

    18 ft. OT sailing canoe

    I'm looking for build information for an 18 ft. Old Town sailing canoe with a serial number of 175109. A little help...many thanks!
  3. Arthur fowler

    Glassing A Canoe

    Hello All, I recently purchased a CLC sassafras canoe from someone who made it in a class. It seemed to be in good shape but as I was working on her I noticed a split in a lap stitch seam in the area of the bow bulkhead. It doesnt appear that it was sheathed in fiberglass. I intend on decking...
  4. T

    Serial Number Request for OT Octa # 131111-16

    I have found an Old Town Octa 16 foot sailing canoe that I am considering purchasing. Its serial number is 131111-16. From the data on my Old Town Canoe catalog collection CD, it appears that it was made about 1941. The canoe may have been originally delivered to the Maryland area. I am most...
  5. R

    Value of my 1923 Old Town sailing canoe?

    I just joined with the hope of eventually listing my canoe for sale in the classified section. I know nothing about wood canoes and, therefore, I apologize for my ignorance and for possibly posting this to the wrong forum area. I acquired the canoe when I purchased my home. The canoe was...
  6. H

    Exactly what did I buy -serial number 157477

    Exactly what did I buy -serial number 151477 Before I begin the restoration I was wonder exactly what I bought. Canoe is an Old Town, about 17ft, with sail (front seat have hardware for holding sail) and rudder (late 1940's era). All there except for the the canvas. Can anyone decode the...
  7. C

    Need help identifying a wooden sailing rig.

    I have a wooden sailing rig that I believe was built for an Old Town Canoe. It is in great shape and I would like help identifying what it is and what canoes it would fit. Can someone suggest what information I need to have in order to make this identification and what source I might go to to do...
  8. N

    Old Town serial number

    103815 16 This canoe belonged to my grandfather. I am told he bought it in California during his service in the Navy, 50's probably. Center thwart has a hole that excepted a mast for sailing, now missing. I am in the process of striping it for restoration including replacing several ribs. I...
  9. D

    O. L. Hicks, circa 1915-1923 decked sailing canoe.

    I have in my possession a Canadian-made (Toronto, Ontario) O. L Hicks wide-board-and-batten decked sailing canoe, torpedo styling similar to that of Walter Dean. It bears the number 115. The full story of this canoe is available on my website at