1. ewitzel

    Best Adhesive for Scarfing Rib Tips

    I was wondering what folks have used when scarfing on new rib tips. I'm thinking about using Gorilla Glue but not sure if it would be suitable; any suggestions would be welcome.
  2. Grizzle

    Cracked rib advice please

    Having restored our Langford over the last couple of yers we've just done about 200 km in it and what were obviously previously cracked ribs have shown up. This was a previous correspondence, is there now an agreed view, or is it still a case of divided opinion? Thanks: Grizzle - UK, and...
  3. Jon Bouton

    Help! Inside Rib (with some decay?) refinish / patch

    I can't believe this is a first. I hope some of you have experience that will help. I figured my OT HW canoe would be watertight inside and out and left it outside and right side up for some weeks last summer while the garage was full of other stuff. When I put it away, I noticed that one...