restoration assistance

  1. C

    Old Town Canoe Info Requested

    Serial # 42180. It originally belonged to my Grandfather and has been sitting in the boathouse unused for many years. I believe it was built in 1916. I would like to restore this boat. Any recommendations on videos, online info, tips or sites would be appreciated. The canoe is white in color...
  2. S

    Restoration, Merrimack Osprey, red, August '84'

    Hello! Just wanted to start of by saying hello and thanks for all the wonderful contributors to this site, I've learned so much already by browsing threads; it's been a great help! I'm still apprehensive about starting on my project until I have a full understanding of what needs to be done...
  3. beaver

    Restoration Assistance

    What to do? What to do? This old bark at Ft. Gibraltar has seen its days!
  4. P

    Old town identification

    I have started restoring an Old Town canoe that has been in Oklahoma some 50 years or more. I belong to a family club that has a lodge and cabins on a creek in eastern Oklahoma. The Lodge was built in 1917 for families to escape the heat of the summers. It remains a wonderful getaway with...
  5. J

    Request Reconstruction Help

    We have a decrepit century-old 16' Old Town guide, wood cracked and in places decaying. Currently it is held together with leaky fiberglass. The chance to restore it was refused by several professionals. Rather than sinking it in the Monongahela I thought I would give a try at fixing it...