1. piedog70

    18' Chestnut

    I have an 18 foot Chestnut canoe that I acquired in the early 1990's and restored it shortly afterwards. I believe it is a Voyageur from the Prospector series but I am no authority. Out of interest, I would like a more definitive identification and have posted to this forum for some help. The...
  2. P

    Chestnut Prospector Fawn? Canoe ID

    Hey all, I picked up this canoe earlier this week from a really awesome 84 yr old avid canoeist. From his story it's a 1970s era Chestnut Prospector, he mentioned it was purchased before the factory closing down so late 70s? I'm at least the 3rd owner so I'm not sure how reliable that...
  3. R

    I think it is a chestnut prospector canoe??

    I recently purchased a wood canvas canoe that I want to refinish. I have been a lifelong paddler, but this will be the first boat I will refinish. I am starting to do the research on the boat so that I can try to ensure it is finished as close to the original build as possible and need some...
  4. jlarrabee

    Chestnut 15' Bobs Special, 1960's, Need Help with Serial Number

    Serial Number: 15 80599 15 Ft 7.5 Ft from bow to Mid - thwart 12 1/2 inches deep