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    Neophyte here...need help identifying.

    May pick this one (16ft all wood) up to have a winter project. I'm new to the history of canoes and how they are made. Any resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Restoration, Merrimack Osprey, red, August '84'

    Hello! Just wanted to start of by saying hello and thanks for all the wonderful contributors to this site, I've learned so much already by browsing threads; it's been a great help! I'm still apprehensive about starting on my project until I have a full understanding of what needs to be done...
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    16' Square Stern Wood and Fiberglass Canoe Restoration HELP NEEDED

    Hello, I have a square stern wood and fiberglass canoe that I'd like to repair. The keel is rotted near the bow and I think that the rot has spread to a couple for the panels that are in contact with the rotten part of the keel. There is one thin crack about 8 inches long between to boards...