1. chipfitzgerald

    Planking Guidance

    I've begun planking my 1913 OT 17' Charles River with 3" white cedar and completed the bottom 4 rows with ease and success. Now I've come to a point where the planking process looks less straightforward whereby shaping and piecing appear to be required to cover the exterior. Looking for some...
  2. R

    Gaps in old planking.

    1920's vintage Old Town has gaps between planks as much as 3/16" Does this need to be addressed in the restoration process? Linseed Oil or new planking or some other solution.
  3. Scott Rowe

    Plank Fitting/Fairing

    I've tried fitting my first plank to see what was involved. Although the planking was planed to proper thickness, when tacked in place I found that either due to factory fairing or shrinkage(?) there was considerable thickness difference at one end of the plank in the bilge area. Question; I...