1. MGC

    What might this be?

    This interesting little item was give to me recently. It is made of what looks like some kind of horn and either bone or ivory...I'm not sure. The work is really quite amazing in that the diameters of the flag mast, paddle shafts and mating holes are about 25 or so thousandth of an inch...quite...
  2. beaver

    White Ash and Crooked Knife

    A short film featuring two Passamaquoddy-Maliseet elders discussing their traditions.
  3. Palmer

    1939-40 Peterborough paddles

    Howdy everyone, I thought I would share some photos of an old Peterborough paddle or two that I got with my canoe. It's my understanding that these paddles were sold by Peterborough to the canoe's first owner when he bought it in 1939-40. The largest of the three paddles...