old town serial no.

  1. MGC

    Old Town SN 4376

    Hi.. Please confirm the build and ship dates for the noted closed rail Old Town. I'm guessing that it was originally shipped somewhere in Northern Vermont. The canoe is a 16 footer...mahogany decks, thwarts, seat frames. Spruce rails and caps... For her age, she's pretty fair... Andre..is...
  2. C

    Old Town Canoe Info Requested

    Serial # 42180. It originally belonged to my Grandfather and has been sitting in the boathouse unused for many years. I believe it was built in 1916. I would like to restore this boat. Any recommendations on videos, online info, tips or sites would be appreciated. The canoe is white in color...
  3. M

    #158576 Old Town HW

    Hi, Could I have the build record for Old Town #158576. It's my father's old 18' HW. Thanks, Mark
  4. P

    Old Town No. XTC9149M73J or inside No. is 191491

    Does anyone know information about this Canoe? It is light pink, about 17 ft. Where can I get same color gelcoat to redo?