old town canoe restore

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    New Old Town Canoe Restoration!

    Hello, I just purchased I believe a 1948 Old Town Canoe, but do not know anything else about it. I was hoping someone on here could help assist me with the details as I begin the restoration process. Thank you! SN# H-24409
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    Is it an old town?

    I found a very old canvas covered canoe with wooden slat seats, diamond head bolts on the top thwarts and 4 oar locks on it. I found the numbers 7852 (I think) then a space and a #1 then possibly a #6 which would make sense since I think it's 16' long and has a berth of 41". Is it an Old Town...
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    Garage Find Old Town OTCA 22140 16

    I recently purchased a canoe from a person who told me it was made by their father... I took a chance and after looking at it and doing some research it looks like an Old Town OTCA. It seems most likely the father simply bought it and perhaps repainted it decades ago. The canvas, although...
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    Serial number: OTC 165456 16'

    Dear Old Town, This canoe was purchased new by my grandfather for our summer home at Higgins Lake, MI in Roscommon County. I believe he purchased it new, and perhaps even locally. As a kid in the 1970's I recall it's white canvas, which has long since deteriorated. It has hung in the...