1. Andrew

    '26 OCTA Project

    I picked up a 1926 Old Town OCTA AA (87236-17) last September, and am planning to start working on it soon. This will be my first project, and with all the excitement also comes some worry due to the poor condition. I'll be posting updates in this thread. As for the history of the canoe; it...
  2. T

    Serial Number Request for OT Octa # 131111-16

    I have found an Old Town Octa 16 foot sailing canoe that I am considering purchasing. Its serial number is 131111-16. From the data on my Old Town Canoe catalog collection CD, it appears that it was made about 1941. The canoe may have been originally delivered to the Maryland area. I am most...
  3. Old_Paddler

    Old Town OCTA SN 80058 -17

    I suspect this canoe is from 1923. I bought it today, the guy who had it bought it and another canoe in 1975 with the intentions of restoring both. Both hung in his garage until he started on the other canoe a couple of years ago, this one finally came out of the garage this year. From what...