1. Ben Russ

    Langford questions

    I am picking up a 15’ Langford wood and canvas project canoe for restoration tomorrow and I had 2 questions. First, the previous owner warned me that the canoe was built during a time when “Langford’s quality was not good!” In reading through the forum, others have mentioned this period in...
  2. Ben Russ

    New member from Kingston, Ontario.

    Hey everyone. I will be picking up a 15’ Langford wood and canvas canoe tomorrow and thought that this would likely be the best place to ask and answer questions as I work through the restoration.
  3. Howie

    'New' Langford - can anyone provide me .jpgs of Langford decals?

    I picked up a 16' Langford last night - thanks to my buddy Mike Cyr for the heads-up. It has some unfortunate issues as it was left outside without protection for a while. Too bad since the owner says his father always used garage it. Anyway, the two center planks are all rotted near the...
  4. Lastkozak

    Older Langford Canoes; a mystery it would seem!

    Hi, I just obtained what appears to be a 15' Langford Canoe; for free. The decal is similar to the photo posted on this site by someone else, right down to how it has worn and torn! Except it is yellow and black. My Langford is in really good shape, just needs new canvas and a new keel. I...