kennebec canoe

  1. Bjorn Tofte

    Kennebec Canoe 14599

    Can anyone help me find some information on this canoe?
  2. J

    Kineo Special 2877 info search

    I am looking for information about a Kineo Special with a number 2877 stamped on the bow plate. The plate indicates it was built by Kennebec Boat and Canoe in Waterville, Maine. I just had this canoe restored and am looking for info on it's history. I believe it was originally sold by a company...
  3. T


    Good morning, I have just inherited a Kennebec wood and canvas canoe that needs some restoration. The serial number is 5016. I am looking for any kind of history for this model. Thank you.
  4. C

    kennebec canoe co. serial no. 22456 info needed....

    hello.... looking for info on kennebec canoe serial 22456, year, type, possible worth. we have always had this canoe, grandfather purchased it new but I am unsure of the date. thanks for your help
  5. G

    Kennebec Canoe

    We purchased a home that had a canoe in the garage rafters and we have no clue as to the value or history and would like to know more about it. It has an oval plate that says The Kennebec Canoe Company with the number 2210. It is green and has ratan seats and I believe it is 17' long and...