1. R

    S/N 177547

    I was removing the screws holding the keel of our Old Town canoe and noticed the serial number. I am curious when it was built. I plan to use oak for the keel replacement. Cheers, Rod
  2. Scott Rowe

    Morris Keel Length

    I'm putting the keel back on my ca 1915 17 foot Morris and it appears that it may have lost some length. It measures 14 ft. 6 1/4 inches and appears to be short by one rib interval. Anyone have this measurement and a pic of the stem band to keel transition would be helpful as well. It seems like...
  3. G

    Northland keel removal

    I have a 14ft Northland that has served my wife and me very well for about 30 years. I have decided to remove the glass which is badly damaged in a few places and re-glass it. I want to remove the keel but after removing the keel screws from the inside and removing the bow and stern wear...