1. J

    Build period for Robertson canoes based on SN# font/format, Decks, Plaque, Thwarts, etc.

    Hi, I’m looking for help in identifying the period, decade or timeframe in which a Robertson Canoe might have been built. The canoe is a Robertson model, and has a simple thin font SN# on stems of both the bow “o2523o 17” and stern “o2523o”. Note, there is no following length number on stern...
  2. T

    History of Canoe

    Hello all. My husband and I have a canoe given to my husband by his father. We are looking for some history on the canoe such as how old it is, previous owner, etc. It's a Carleton wtih 18-14530 stamped on the inside of the front and back. My husband (Bryan) loves the canoe and is...
  3. T

    When was the Old Town made?

    I am seeking any available information regarding the history of this model and of this individual canoe. It is a 15' wood and canvas Old Town canoe that I have inherited. The serial number appears to be 75389 15. There might be a space between the 7 and the 5. It has one thwart. The Old...
  4. beaver

    Grandfather Akwiten

    "When an ancient Maliseet canoe emerges out of a European collection no one new that the art of canoe building was emerging as well." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr9CIRiNu6k
  5. beaver

    Canoe Evolution

    Jill Dean gives us a history of the canoe in this series of videos taken at the grand opening of the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum:cool: http://www.wisconsincanoeheritagemuseum.com/Pages/videos.html