help with identification

  1. C

    What did I find in the barn? ……. Wooden canoe….

    Found in a barn…..not sure what it is…or if its gramps home build. I am only familiar with my merrimack Tennessean.
  2. Don Read64

    New to Site

    Hi I just received two canoes. One is a Peterborough Champlain High Ender the other I think is a prospector. Could you help me identify it please Serial # 82 728 It is 17' with a transom (well there use to be!) for a motor. Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    Chestnut: Has Anyone Seen This Id Tag Before?

    I just picked up another old canoe. I believe it is a Chestnut. Under the forward seat is a wooden ID tag screwed to the inside of the canoe with some information stamped into it. I would like to try and identify the model and approximate year of the canoe if anyone can help. I appears that...