1. MGC

    Canadian Tack and Nail

    It seems that CT&N has closed their storefront. Does anyone know where to get the materials they were selling? Do they have an alternative outlet that they supply?
  2. Howie

    Looking for parts & info on sailing rig

    I just picked up a sailing rig for a Penn Yan canoe. The boom & sprit measure about 116" each, so I calculate it would fit the 45 square foot 'Breeze' rig mentioned in Penn Yan's catalogue. Here's some other pics: I'm missing some stuff. Can anyone give me help finding... * The two...
  3. M

    Hardware for 1947 18 ft Old Town canoe

    I have an 18 ft, CS (Common Sense), HW (heavy water) model with red, western cedar planking, open spruce gunwales, half ribs and a keel. It was built between April and June, 1947. What would have been on the bow and stern of this canoe? Would there have been paint rings? What hardware would...
  4. J

    Old Town serial number

    My uncle passed away and I inherited his old town canoe. Serial number 98237, does anyone have any information on this that they can share. I have not been able to find an exact match to this canoe online. It has some unique hardware on it. It has brass plates/hardware at the tips of the deck. I...