1. 1905Gerrish

    E.H Gerrish 18'3" Guide Model

    I recently completed this restoration of this 18'3" Gerrish guide model. Standout features of the canoe include the single rear seat which was caned a bit different from others Gerrish's that I'm aware of or restored, the wide front quarter thwart, the semi V shaped hull and the iron stem...
  2. MGC

    Gerrish 813

    Quite a few years ago I bought a Gerrish canoe from a very nice older man in Eastern NY. While he was raising his family it had been the canoe that they used for fishing, paddling, camping. He had quite a few memories tied to it, but unfortunately no provenance. When he bought it in the 60's it...
  3. MGC

    Gerrish Serial Number List

    Several years ago this post mentioned Gerrish Serial numbers. I'm wondering if that list could live here where it can be added to as canoes are found. Not all Gerrish canoes have serial numbers but for those that...
  4. D

    15.5' Gerrish Peapod from early 1920s (Costigan shop)

    I'm trying to figure out the market for my Gerrish canoe but don't have much of an idea where to start. I think it is pretty much intact and original (has original brass fittings and nameplate) and is in good shape for its age (floats well without issues). We have an Old Town square stern from...