1. johnmetts

    Re-surfacing the filler

    I restored my WC canoe and I'm not happy with the finish. It feels/looks like fine grained sandpaper. I applied the filler as directed, smoothed it by hand as directed, sanded as directed but couldn't get it as smooth as others I have done. I thought maybe the paint would smooth it a bit...
  2. R

    Bristol finish?

    I bought some of the stuff a couple years ago at a yard sale for something like five dollars, never opened. Couldn’t pass it up. Wondering now if maybe I should have. The catalyst, part B, looks to be hardened and unusable. Wondering if there are any recommendations. Maybe microwave it to...
  3. Howie

    How to avoid really dark varnish?

    Well, it's happened again. I strip the old finish (with Dad's stripper), clean & brighten with Messmer's Part A & B, and all the wood is a nice golden light brown. Then I apply the varnish (Epifane High Gloss Clear) thinned 50:50 with their thinner and zap - the wood immediately turns dark...