cracked ribs

  1. buffalostu2

    Cracked Ribs on a 1923 OTCA

    Recently my 1923 OTCA wood canvas canoe took a spill. It cracked 13 ribs along the front left side, hairline fractures. A couple significant, some barely noticeable. The canoe bounced on impact and the ribs all received these hairline fractures (but are still broken all the way through). The...
  2. T

    Need help with 2 cracked ribs

    My son and I are tackling our first restoration - a 16' 1949 OTCA Old Town canoe. The wood is in good shape except for two cracked ribs. I'm decent at wood working but don't have the knowledge or tools to handle anything too complicated. What is the easiest method to repair these ribs? See...
  3. jwil

    spots after stripping and rib cracks

    Greetings great posts all.. fairly new to the site I am in the process or refinishing/restoring a 1946 ot hw and have just finished the first round of stripping(I see why folks pay for this to be done!) and I still have blotches showing is this something which can be removed? I recall reading...