courting canoe

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    First Endeavor

    hey All, I am a Student Boatbuilder from the Netherlands, and want to start building my first canoe. now i wanted to try and build a Courting Canoe, (since it seems that its dying out, having adult fun on the water) the canoe I've found in question sits in the Canadian Canoe Museum, I've asked...
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    Help with ID - Charles River Courting Canoe?

    The Calvert Marine Museum / Patuxent Small Craft Guild recently received this canoe. We're looking for any information that can help us identify and value it. We've done many boat restorations here including several wood and canvas canoes but will likely try to sell this canoe as is to someone...
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    More info and advice on a Robertson Courting Canoe

    Hi all, I am new to these forums as I came across them researching an old canoe I recently inherited from my grandfather. It appears to be a J.R. Robertson courting canoe, which was probably bought new by my grandfather or his father sometime in the early 1900's. My grandfather used it...