1. Hummy

    22' Gaspe Salmon Fishing Canoe

    Came across this on CL, thought I would share it with y'all, although its not very old, 1970's, it is cedar over oak ribs covered with canvass and fiberglass from the factory. These boats are typically powered by a 15 hp motor with 2-3 passengers and duffle, however the owner has toured with...
  2. M

    CEDARWOOD canoe model identification, serial# 162410C1996

    I have a CEDARWOOD canoe that I am getting ready to sell. I am trying to figure out if CEDARWOOD made different models and which one this is. The guy that originally bought this canoe (deceased now) had told me it was a prospector, but it is NOT! I HAVE a prospector (LOVE IT!) and this...