cedar strip

  1. Patrick Strz

    Lakefield Canoe TLC

    Hello All, I'm fairly new to canoe restoration, I've done a couple of canvas canoes but I would like to help a friend out who asked me to do some TLC on their old Lakefield Canoe Company cedar strip. I'd be looking to strip and reapply the varnish, as well as adding new brass stem bands. I am...
  2. B

    1958 Peterborough Capella

    Hi there, This is my first post here. I've been reading a lot of information over the years about cedar strip boats and canoes. I've even done some restoration on a Giesler 16' canoe for my inlaws. Well, I'm looking for information because I have a restoration project that I'm working on...and...
  3. MGC

    Canadian Tack and Nail

    It seems that CT&N has closed their storefront. Does anyone know where to get the materials they were selling? Do they have an alternative outlet that they supply?
  4. B

    Rangeley Canoe?

    Can anyone help me identify this canoe/sea canoe? It’s 16’ in length and 4’ at the widest point. It spent at least part of its life in Rangeley, Maine.