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    War canoe build sheet

    I just started restoring an old town war canoe, serial number 157107 and I'd appreciate a copy of or a link to the build sheet.
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    Serial number: OTC 165456 16'

    Dear Old Town, This canoe was purchased new by my grandfather for our summer home at Higgins Lake, MI in Roscommon County. I believe he purchased it new, and perhaps even locally. As a kid in the 1970's I recall it's white canvas, which has long since deteriorated. It has hung in the...
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    Old Town Otca - HELP!

    So- I'm new here. I know a little, I want to learn more. I have a 15ft Otca s/n: 152461 I want to find the build sheet- how you do that? It's about 75% restored including new canvas. Thanks for any and all help!
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    Exactly what did I buy -serial number 157477

    Exactly what did I buy -serial number 151477 Before I begin the restoration I was wonder exactly what I bought. Canoe is an Old Town, about 17ft, with sail (front seat have hardware for holding sail) and rudder (late 1940's era). All there except for the the canvas. Can anyone decode the...