build sheet request

  1. Bear Shea

    OT Tripper ID history

    Looking for any info or history or build sheet on this OT Tripper I’ve just gotten and love! XTC4747948M83F thanks!!
  2. S

    1968 Old Town

    Hey ya'll, I'm also wondering if anyone can find a build sheet for this Old Town - Serial #I 84909. Much appreciated. Steve P.
  3. T

    Old Town Otca S/N 173641 - 16

    I have what I think is a 1964 Old Town Otca 16' Canoe. I was hoping to find more about it's history and what color it was originally. I'm currently having it repaired. The serial # is 173641 - 16. Thanks
  4. markfkleinmk

    Old Town serial number 85238 build sheet

    May I please have the build sheet for our canoe. It has been in our family over 50 years and we enjoy using it. I now must register it in Ohio. Having the build sheet may help with that. Serial number 85238. Thanks. Correction: serial number is 165236.