1. Shari Gnolek

    Extra short tack between the ribs on Penn Yan

    I am removing the original canvas from a Penn Yan Owasco. As usual, there are two tacks holding the canvas at every rib. But then halfway between each rib there is a much shorter tack that only goes through the planking and appears to be clinched. The photo shows examples of the longer tacks...
  2. J

    Old Town serial number

    My uncle passed away and I inherited his old town canoe. Serial number 98237, does anyone have any information on this that they can share. I have not been able to find an exact match to this canoe online. It has some unique hardware on it. It has brass plates/hardware at the tips of the deck. I...
  3. Lastkozak

    Older Langford Canoes; a mystery it would seem!

    Hi, I just obtained what appears to be a 15' Langford Canoe; for free. The decal is similar to the photo posted on this site by someone else, right down to how it has worn and torn! Except it is yellow and black. My Langford is in really good shape, just needs new canvas and a new keel. I...