bob's special

  1. BloomR

    1950’s Bob special project

    Hi folks. I am new to the forum although I have been browsing It for a couple or years in anticipation of getting going on some restoration projects. I have a couple of 1950’s era Chestnut and Peterborough 15 footers recently acquired and I hope to get going on them this summer. These will be my...
  2. Jim Eckler

    Chestnut #36 9738

    Let me share some pictures and ask a few questions, please, about my new Chestnut wood/canvas canoe restoration project. I think it is a Bob's Special. It is 15' max length with a 34 3/4" beam (canvas to canvas). Ribs are 2 3/8" wide (maybe 2 1/4") and spaced 1 1/2" apart; they are 1/4" deep...
  3. jlarrabee

    What Color Should I Do, Chestnut

    Hey Guys, I have a Chestnut 15ft Bob's Special? It is a barnfind, in beautiful condition. I am going to re-canvas it because it is the original canvas, but I'm not sure if I want it red again. Any color I should consider, or avoid?
  4. jlarrabee

    Chestnut: Wood over Fiberglass repair

    Hi everyone, I am a 16 year old kid who loves old canoes, I went to Camp Wabun, and recently bought two Chestnut Canoes. One is beautiful and is ready to go, but my other is butchered. The previous owner ripped off the canvas, then continued to fiberglass it, then managed to scrape most of...
  5. jlarrabee

    Chestnut 15' Bobs Special, 1960's, Need Help with Serial Number

    Serial Number: 15 80599 15 Ft 7.5 Ft from bow to Mid - thwart 12 1/2 inches deep