b.n. morris

  1. D

    15' (Possibly) B.N. Morris Canoe Company ID

    Hi all, My grandfather always talked about his project canoe that he kept tucked away for years. Unfortunately, like many others, so many projects leads to certain ones never being finished. I went down to check out the canoe, and it might be a B.N. Morris canoe. I'm not certain, but it has a...
  2. Christopher Lovell

    1916 B.N Morris 18'

    Hi all, I bought this 1916 B.N. Morris 18' canoe from a gentleman in New Hampshire this past weekend. All original, tight canvas, only needs exterior prep and paint. Complete with original seat backs and floorboards. Bow floorboard toggle was lost and was replaced with wood. Otherwise pristine...
  3. L

    B.N. Morris update

    Well I haven't had much time to work on my Morris canoe but lately I have started to make some progress. I did end up finding the serial number under the bow deck, #15281. Since it was in such good original condition I decided to do the minimum amount of reconstruction. I started by using a...