birch bark

  1. beaver

    Eastern Cree-style Birch Bark Canoe

    [I]The "Eastern Cree" canoe as defined by Adney & Chapelle, was used not only by the people who are referred to as Eastern Cree, but also by the Montaganais and Naskapi. It was, in other words, the canoe common to all the Indians of the Labrador-Ungava peninsula...
  2. beaver

    Grandfather Akwiten

    "When an ancient Maliseet canoe emerges out of a European collection no one new that the art of canoe building was emerging as well."
  3. beaver

    Mahigan Canoes

    This is a short film in French about Marcel Labelle, a traditional birch bark canoe builder from Canada:cool:
  4. beaver

    Canoe Evolution

    Jill Dean gives us a history of the canoe in this series of videos taken at the grand opening of the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum:cool:
  5. beaver

    Beothuk Bark Canoe

    An ethhnographic boat model of a Beothuk or "Red Paint People" birch bark canoe (circa 1826), from Newfoundland, Canada. These canoes, approximately 6 meters in length, were used for inter-island travel along the coast...
  6. beaver

    Peter Dube Birchbark

    This birch bark canoe was built 80 years ago by Peter Dube, an Algonquin canoe builder from the Maniwaki area of Quebec. It is a fine example of a high-ended wabinaki-tciman typical of that era.