birch bark canoe

  1. beaver

    Keewaydin Photo Archive

    Since 1893 Keewaydin has been a leader in youth summer camping in North America. The Keewaydin Foundation's summer camps and programs provide adventure, challenges and fun that help children develop self confidence, character, and leadership. This is a wonderful photo archive that dates back...
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    Art Work

    This 14' Wabanaki-style birch bark canoe features complex etched designs scraped into the winter bark.
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    Earl Otchingwanigan Speaks

    It is with great pleasure to introduce to you Earl Otchingwanigan, Ojibwe elder and master canoe-maker. These spoken words were recently heard in the presence of this 100+ year-old restored birch bark canoe. For the documentation of the conservation & restoration...
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    Mountainooing= Mountaineering + Canoeing
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    Youth learn how to build canoe

    Saw this news item from a local Ottawa (ON) newspaper. I thought it was a great way to engage youth and teach worthwhile skills. ++++++++++++++++ EMC news - A new summer program at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health will give youth the opportunity to learn all about one of Canada's most...